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Commtronics of Virginia Motorola Two-Way radio dealer and service center

Serving Virginia's Wireless Communications Needs Since 1957

Situations that require effective and fast action demand that public safety officials are equipped with the most dependable public safety communications technology.
Virginia's Number 1 Source for Motorola Two Way Radio Equipment
With the power of Commtronic's team of talented people, we are able to provide Virginia with the best value; latest Motorola technology; customized systems; superior service and support; and products and services that are easy to buy and use. We have two local stores in Virginia, in Richmond and in Tri-Cities.


what we offer

  • Wireless Broadband

    Our wireless network products can meet your unique needs both in and out of the office. Read More

    Motorola's computing products allow you to capture and exchange critical information. Read More
  • Rental Solutions

    We offer a range of radio rental products to meet your short term two-way needs.. Read More


Integrated, efficient, reliable communication is more critical to operational performance than ever before. Businesses and organizations whose workers must be mobile need a communication solution that makes it easy and affordable for them to stay in touch. MOTOTRBO delivers just that.


Public Safety Products

Voice and Data

Reliable, accurate, real-time information can make the difference between a difficult and a successful outcome. ASTRO® 25 networks, our Project 25 standards-based mission critical networks, provide integrated voice.


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