Airtime Solutions


Capacity Plus

As a scalable, single-site digital trunking solution, Capacity Plus expands the capacity of your MOTOTRBO communication system even further. Over a thousand radio users can quickly and efficiently share business-critical voice and data communication on the same system without having to add new frequencies.

Commonwealth Connect

Commonwealth Connect, located in the Midlothian area, is Commtronics' digital trunking solution that offers exceptionally clear voice and data communications throughout most of Central and Southside Virginia. Aside from providing wide area coverage, this Motorola Mototrbo Capacity Plus system also allows you to operate your business more effectively and efficiently in today's competitive environment.

Rich with features that are easy to use and improve your productivity, our system provides GPS location tracking, text messaging, monitor and control, and the ability to create work order tickets from your radio.

Realizing connection is key…we have also enhanced our system even further by adding Motorola's Wave On Cloud to it. This allows you to have greater reach and flexibility by being able to connect to your radio system via an Android or iOS cellular phone or wi-fi device from virtually anywhere you have the cell or wi-fi connection.

Why Use Commonwealth Connect?

  • Hear and Be Heard Clearly Without Noise, Static or Distortion
  • Integrated GPS and Text Messaging Enhance Communication
  • Superior Wide Area Coverage
  • Improved Reliability with Up to 40% Longer Battery Life
  • Applications to Facilitate Business Operations Available
  • Radios Fully Backed by 2-Year Warranty + 1-Year Repair Service Advantage


The Motorola • LTR® series radio system gives you the power that you have come to expect out of a radio system. The exclusive LS Quality Seal™ tells you that your radio system is dependable Motorola, extremely durable & very rugged, built to take the abuse of today’s business needs. Don’t settle for any less than Motorola. Efficient and cost-effective, UHF Trunking gives you fast channel access, privacy, and private talkgroup capability – which means your radios can accommodate virtually all your business communication needs for today and tomorrow.

Wide Area Coverage UHF Radio Systems

  • Low Cost Dispatch
  • Flat Rate Airtime Pricing
  • Group Calling
  • Private Channels
  • Fast Access
  • More Economical than Cellular or "Integrated Systems"

Unlimited Airtime

With Motorola trunked radios, you don't pay by the minute for your staff to talk to each other. Instead, you get Unlimited Airtime each month for an economical amount for coverage. No phone numbers to dial, just press to talk and you are instantly in contact with your entire staff, and it's private. You don't hear other company's conversations and they can't hear yours.

Your business incurs several monthly over-head costs (payroll, rent, utilities, taxes) that are difficult, if not impossible to reduce. With Motorola trunked radios you can take control of your airtime expenses and reduce your cellular bills immediately and permanently. Every month you know exactly how much you are spending without the worry of per minute billing.

Monthly Airtime

The monthly airtime charge, for unlimited use per unit, may vary based on the total number of radios in use by your fleet. This monthly charge is for unlimited use per radio. Unlike cellular and some other systems, we do not round up to the next minute or care how much you talk. Use it as much as you like! As you can see, this is extremely competitive with cellular service. Especially when you consider that if they were cellular phones, you would have to pay twice for each call. (Once on the calling phone and once on the phone being called.) In addition cellular would be typically rounding up a 1 minute and 1 second call to a 2 minute charge.

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